Report on the International Workshop

“Modelling and Simulation within a Maritime Environment”

(September 6-8, 1998, Riga, Latvia)


The international workshop “Modelling and Simulation within a Maritime Environment” was organised and sponsored by the Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS) in cooperation with the Latvian Simulation Society, Latvian and Genoa Centers of the McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences, and the Liophant Simulation Club. The workshop was sponsored by the Latvian Council of Sciences, supported by the DAMAC-HP project of the European Commission, Directorate General XIII, and hosted by the Riga Technical University.

The Workshop Committee included General Chair Prof. Yuri Merkuryev (Latvia), Programme Chair Dr. Agostino Bruzzone (Italy), General Co-Chair Dr. Galina Merkuryeva (Latvia), Programme Co-Chair Prof. Leonid Novitsky (Latvia) and Technical Director Rainer Rimane (Germany). The workshop International Programme Committee incorporated 33 members from 14 countries. The overall workshop coordination was performed by Philippe Geril (SCS European Office, Belgium).

The workshop was aimed to discuss the role of modelling and simulation in increasing efficiency of maritime operations, and to share already existing experiences in this area. The workshop covered such areas, as optimisation and safety of maritime operations, harbour management, multimodal transportation and logistics, and related methodology aspects.

The list of workshop participants incorporates 48 persons from 12 countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. Also, 6 officials and representatives from different Latvian institutions, and 9 students took part in workshop activities.

The workshop scientific programme was started on September 7 by the Opening Session, that included welcoming presentations by Prof. Ivars Knets (vice-rector of the Riga Technical University), Prof. Wilfried Krug (SCS representative), Fred Kamperman (terminal manager of the Baltic Container Terminal of the Riga Commercial Harbour) and Prof. Indulis Liepinsh (vice-rector of the Latvian Maritime Academy), and Invited Presentation by Dr. Agostino Bruzzone (the University of Genoa), entitled “Harbour services and layout re-engineering by using simulation”.

In total, 26 presentations (including the one by Prof. Wilfried Krug “Integration of intelligent simulation and optimisation tools in manufacturing, organisation and logistics” at the Plenary Session on September 8) were made at the following workshop sessions: Maritime Environment I and II, Multimodal Transportation, Logistics, Simulation and Modelling Methodology, The CONSA Project, and The AMCAI/DAMAC-HP Project.

The last two sessions were devoted to specific projects: the CONSA project “Competence network for simulation applications”, financed by the Swedish Institute (Sweden), and the DAMAC-HP project “Further development and practical application of harbour processes managing and controlling models, methods and techniques” of the COPERNICUS Programme of the European Commission, DG XIII.

A visit to the Baltic Container Terminal was arranged for workshop participants on September 8, guided by the terminal manager Fred Kamperman and the operations manager Janis Lubinsh.

The workshop was closed by the Closing Session on September 8, were participants highly evaluated organisation of the workshop and its scientific programme, and expressed interest in organising the same kind of workshops also in future. It was suggested to organise the next workshop, dealing with modelling and simulation within a maritime environment, in a year in Italy.

Workshop papers were published in the Proceedings (ISBN 1-56555-132-X), edited by Yuri Merkuryev, Agostino Bruzzone and Leonid Novitsky. Copies of the workshop proceedings could be ordered from: SCS European Publishing House, Executive Editor, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Informatik IV, Martenstrasse 1, D-91058, Germany.


Prof. Yuri Merkuryev

General Chair of the International Workshop
“Modelling and Simulation within a Maritime Environment”

Riga Technical University
1, Kalku Street
LV-1658 Riga