LNT music video

Movie party

Latvian Tour 2002
(11.- 20.04.2002.)

Riga 801st BD party

Fan meeting.

Album presentation

Album presentation

Radio SWH BD party

Fan meeting

"Presentation of Colder" and ADBT

"Dienaas Kad Lidlauks Paaraak Taals" our
(16.08.- 1.09.2003.)

LNT Music Video

Fan meeting



"Veronika" album presentation

Forum Palace, Vilnius

Veronika Tour

Fan meeting

Supporting R.E.M.


Last updated:

New - 23.07.2006. - (after a LONG time-out) added photos from Baltic Beach Party 2006 in Liepaja (21.07.2006.), where Brainstorm performed full-time show.

- 29.06.2005. - added photos from Opening concert of the 9th Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration in Riga (29.06.2005.), where Brainstorm joined the choir to perform 2 new (especially written for the event) songs: "Par mezgliem" and "Mana Dziesma".

- 19.06.2005. - added photos from R.E.M. concert in Riga (25.01.2005.), where Brainstorm was support band.

- 30.05.2005. - added photos from Anton Corbijn's MORTALS / MIRSTIGIE photo exibition opening (Riga, Arsenals, 27.05.2005.).

- 2.05.2005. - added photos from the fourth Veronika Tour 2004 concert in Liepaja (11.12.2004.)

- 27.04.2005. - added photos from the third Veronika Tour 2004 concert in Riga (10.12.2004.)

- 26.04.2005. - added photos from the second Veronika Tour 2004 concert in Tukums (3.12.2004.)

- 22.03.2005. - added photos from the first Veronika Tour 2004 concert in Jelgava (2.12.2004.)

- 22.01.2005. - added photos from the latest "Official FC" meeting with Brainstorm (Riga, 23.12.2004.), and also the rest of the photos from "Veronika" shop (18.09.2004.).

- 8.11.2004. - added photos from concert in Vilnius (Forum Plaza)(3.11.2004.)

- 20.09.2004. - added photos from "Veronika" shop as well as different pictures of newest Brainstorm merchandising (16.09.2004.)

- 17.09.2004. - added photos from "Veronika" album presentation (15.09.2004.)

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