General Information

Department of Modelling and Simulation was founded in October, 1993 at the RTU Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology on the basis of wide experiences in both education and research in the area of modelling and simulation of complex systems, already accumulated at the faculty by that time.
Decision Support Systems Group was joined in year 2003 at Department of Modelling and Simulation.

Main activities are in the field of discrete-event simulation; at the same time, there are interests and experiences in simulation of continuous systems as well. Simulation projects are performed mainly on the basis of IBM-compatible personal computers. Both general (e.g., C++, Pascal, Visual Basic) and simulation (e.g., SIMAN/ARENA, Witness, Promodel, MATLAB, STELLA) languages and systems are used.

The department is a basic unit for the Latvian Simulation Society that is the first professional simulation organization within the former Soviet Union. Members of the department take an active part in activities of international simulation societies (such as The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS), Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation (ASIM), The Federation of European Simulation Societies (EUROSIM)), regularly participate in international simulation events and take part in their organization as well.

The following international events were/will be held on the basis of the department:

The Latvian Center of the SCSI McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences (MISS) operates on the basis of the department (with, Prof. Yuri Merkuryev as Director).

Department of Modelling and Simulation collaborate actively with organizations in the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Lithuania, Russia, USA, Spain, China: